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Steve Grigg and Frank Collinson

Yardworthy Newtake lies to the West of the Fernworthy Road between Tawton Gate and Metherall Brook and is bordered by a wall to the north and the South Teign River to the East. Within the Newtake, there are a number of small set bound stones, inscribed with a letter “S”. Dave Brewer in the 2nd edition of Dartmoor Boundary Markers, states that 8 of these stones have been identified. The inscriptions face different directions. This post contains the photographs and three of these stones with their locations.

Yardworthy Map
This is a reconstructed sketch from the Dave Brewer publication.

It is conjectured that these stones refer to the Stark family. Robert Stark was a sculptor and painter from late 19th / early 20th century. After buying a 275-acre estate in the 1890’s, he built the properties of Ford Park, Great and Little Frenchbeer. He sold Ford Park in 1912 but retained 7 acres near the South Teign. It is thought that the stones mark this area and that it was earmarked for the site of another house. The land slopes down quite steeply to the river where it is quite marshy.

This stone is approx 50m from the Fernworthy Road
Close up of the stone at SX67563 84320
This stone is approx 50m from the one previously pictured.
Close up of the stone at SX67522 84361
Stone close to the South Teign River, in a marshy area.
Close up of the stone at SX67331 84631
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