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Hembury Woods – Copper Mines

Steve Grigg and Frank Collinson

An exploration of copper mines / prospects, a boundary stone, a barn and the iron age hill fort. Reference regards the mines / prospects taken from the Dr Phil Newman thesis on Tin and Copper Mining c1700 to 1914, thank you.

Hembury 1
Map overlay, showing approx positions of the Copper Mines. The Queen of the Dart is on private land and not visited as part of this post.
Hembury 2
Southern end of Blackpool Island
Hembury 3
Wheal Blackpool Adit 1 at SX73012 68390. Hamilton Jenkin was of the opinion that the small open adit at river level on the west bank of the Dart below Black Pool may be identified as ‘Knight of the Dart’ which was worked as a solo venture by Captain Robert Billing, from about 1857-9. Dr Phil Newman states: “The site of a small prospect which may have been known as either ‘Knight of the Dart’ or ‘Wheal Blackpool’. The main adit is at river level beside the footpath.
Hembury 4
Wheal Blackpool Adit 2 at SX73000 68441
Hembury 5
North end of Blackpool Island
Hembury 6
Calm waters of River Dart
Hembury 7
King of the Dart prospect. Was this area cleared for a wheel pit? There is a leat not too far away. SX73336 68794
Hembury 8
Inside the wheel pit, which is approx 4m wide by 8m long (estimate)
Hembury 9
River Dart between King of the Dart wheel pit and the adit.
Hembury 10
King of the Dart Adit at SX73348 68819
Hembury 11
Inside the adit (picture taken from the gate)
Hembury 12
Inside the adit (picture taken from the gate)
Hembury 13
Inside the adit (picture taken from the gate)
Hembury 14
Inside the adit (picture taken from the gate)
Hembury 15
Opposite the King of the Dart Prospect. Building close to where Queen of the Dart mine is located (on private land).
Hembury 16
Boundary stone on the edge of public access. The H inscription is for Holne I believe as this is on parish boundary. SX73379 69150
Hembury 17
Prospect adit (possibly part of King of Dart) and run off at SX73339 69006
Hembury 18
Another view of the run off down from the adit.
Hembury 19
Possible building at the end of the run off at SX73364 68997
Hembury 20
Leat above the adit of the unnamed prospect. I believe this leads to King of the Dart.
Hembury 21
Hembury Barn. SX72515 68960
Hembury 22
The upper floor at first site looks like it had a fire, but there is no chimney and why have a fire in a barn. This, I believe is just brickwork crumbling away
Hembury 23
Sign outside the fort
Hembury 24
Hembury Fort
Hembury 25
Views in the direction of Buckfast
Hembury 26
Views in direction of Ashburton
Hembury 28
Colour at the fort.
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