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Fayrecombe Mill

Steve Grigg and Frank Collinson

Set in the lovely Teign Valley close to Teignhead Farm, this tinners mill is definitely worth a visit and has lots of very discernable features for those interested in industrial archeology. The items identified were taken from a paper produced by Dr Tom Greeves, who has conducted some superb industrial archeological research across the moor.

Fayrecombe Mill Layout Drawing
General Layout based on drawing from Dr Greeves in his paper, Lodges and Mills: The Field Archaeology of Tin Accommodation, Stamping and Smelting on Dartmoor
Fayrecombe 0
General site looking East towards Fernworthy Forest.
Fayrecombe 1
General view of the site looking north across the river Teign, with Teignhead Farm trees visible.
Fayrecombe 2
A double mould stone, with a single (mould stone) below and to the left. SX63775 84269
Fayrecombe 3
Wheelpit at SX63779 84278
Fayrecombe 4
Location of furnace at SX63776 84278
Fayrecombe 5
Another view of the site with a worked stone (mould or float) in foreground. SX63785 84268
Fayrecombe 6
Dr Greeves describes this as wedge cut face natural stone
Fayrecombe 7
Double mould stone, next to the river at SX63781 84263
Fayrecombe 8
The main part of the mill at SX63772 84276
Fayrecombe 9
Possible Buddles (two or three) at SX63762 84259
Fayrecombe 10
Heading away from the mill. Teignhead Farm easily recognisable and the mill in the middle of the picture. The line of the Teign flowing left to right (SW to NE at this point) can be made out.
Fayrecombe 11
An outbuilding adjacent to the main mill at SX63773 84274

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