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Chagford / North Bovey Boundstone

Where the Chagford / North Bovey parish boundary crosses the Moretonhampstead to Postbridge road (B3212) near Bennetts Cross is a boundstone which on first inspection appears to just a leaning unmarked slab. The slab is located on the Bush Down side of the road and on further investigation does have a very faint inscription and a benchmark. The “slab” is inscribed with “Chagford” and “North Bovey”. This post covers this boundstone and some other features which can be found in the immediate area.

Parish Map
Map showing the Chagford and North Bovey parishes plus the location covered in this post.
Detailed Map
Detailed map of the area covered in this post, which includes the aforementioned boundstone, Bennetts Cross, a Headland Warren Boundstone (“WB”) and the views to the south towards the north lode of Birch Tor and Vitifer Mine
Parish BS1
The parish boundstone is approx 30 metres to the north of Bennett’s Cross’ and is recorded as being erected circa 1772. The only immediately discernible inscription is that of a benchmark near the top. It can be found at SX68003 81670.
Parish BS2
The parish boundstone inscriptions are very worn and light has to be near perfect to make them out. The stone is inscribed ‘Chagford’ and ‘North Bovey’, with only the “B” in “Bovey” being above ground. The sketch shown in the picture is from the Dave Brewer Dartmoor Boundary Markers, 2nd Edition from 2002 (page 74).
Bennetts Cross 1
Bennetts Cross with Birch Tor on the horizon. This wayside is oddly misshapen and is probably one of the most photographed crosses on the moor. It is also a boundary stone between Chagford and North Bovey parishes and has been used as a boundary stone for Headland Warren as it has “WB” (Warren Bounds) inscribed on its north face.
Bennetts Cross 2
Bennetts Cross looking towards Hurston Ridge and Assycombe Hill. The Dartmoor HER speculates that the cross may be a Christianised prehistoric standing stone.
WB Stone
This Boundary stone, is one of 15 marking the boundary of Headland Warren which were present on a map of 1790. The picture was taken by the author in December 2002.
North Lode
View looking south from Bennett’s Cross towards Birch Tor. The first “scar” in the picture is the North lode and the second “scar” is Hambleys lode and the third “scar” is Birch Tor lode, both from the Birch Tor and Vitifer mine.

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