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Bickleigh Mill

Located on the west bank of the River Meavy approx. 100m upstream from Shaugh Bridge, these ruins are described in the Dartmoor Heritage Environment Record as being either ‘Bickleigh Mill’ or ‘The old manor pound mill’. It is assumed that the manor in question is Grenoven, which was located to the north. Very little appears to have been recorded about this mill (that the author can find) and the main feature is a rectangular ‘enclosure’ with slotted supports for a waterwheel.

It is recorded that Richard Hansford Worth the site (but there is no mention of it in ‘Worth’s Dartmoor’. The mill is in a very ruined and overgrown state but is easily accessed. If the site is truly “Bickleigh Mill”, it was a tinwork as recorded in the area in early 17th century.

Map showing the location of Bickleigh Mill.
As described in the Dartmoor HER there is a Wheelpit at north end with rectangular structure to the south. The rectangular structure to the south is not very discernible.
Within the wheelpit there are several massive slotted stones parallel with long axis of where the wheel would have been located.
The approx size of the wheel pit is 3m wide by 6m long.
The wheelpit is located at SX53291 63732
Close up of the top “slot” of the slotted stone
Close up of the bottom “slot” of the slotted stone
To the north of the mill is a distinct feature which conceivably be either a former leat or possibly a path.

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