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Beardown Brook Tin Workings

Under the shadow of Lydford Tor to the north and Beardown Tors to the south and east lies Beardown Brook. On both banks of the brook are approximately 4 hectares of streamworking, which comprise a series of parallel banks of upcast stone and gravel. Within the streamwork there is a tinner’s hut, two small buildings and an ‘unknown’ structure. Also of interest along the brook (near a small ford) is the point where the Beardown Tin Mine (dry) leat crosses (historically probably laundered across). Between the brook and Lydford Tor, there is a small fir tree, which given the wild moorland terrain seems out of place but is testament to how nature can survive against the odds.

0. Map
Sketch map showing the location of features covered in this post.
1. General View
Beardown Brook from Holming Beam. The line of the dry Beardown Mine Leat can be discerned even from approx a mile away.
2. Zoomed in view
Zoomed in from Holming Beam. Both the Beardown Mine Leat and the Tinner’s Hut are discernible
3. Beardown Stream
Beardown Brook looking north east
4. Tinners Hut a
Tinner’s Hut next to Beardown Brook north bank is cut into a pile of streamworking debris. It can be found at SX59596 77433
4. Tinners Hut b
The hut measures around 5 metres east-west by 2 metres north-south. The walls are un-mortared boulders
5. Beardown Brook Stream
A short distance downstream from the Tinner’s Hut is Beardown Brook Ford. Just upstream from the ford is where Beardown Tin Mine Leat would have crossed (its take off point was from the Cowsic a few hundred metres from this point).
6. Beardown Mine Leat b
The line of the Beardown Mine Leat can be discerned on the south side of the brook
6. Beardown Mine Leat b
The line of the Beardown Mine Leat can be discerned on the north side of the brook. The picture doesn’t do justice as to the line taken by the leat.
7. Small Building 1a
The first small building lies just 10m from the Tinner’s Hut at SX59594 77448
7. Small Building 1b
The small building is around 3m x 2m and is built against the scarp of the north bank.
8. Beardown Stream
More streamworking along Beardown Brook
9. Unknown Structure
At SX59729 77546 is an unknown structure
10. Small Building 2a
On the south bank is a well preserved small building at SX59759 77536. The building has a rather large conspicuous ‘lintel’ within its ruins.
10. Small Building 2b
The second small building is barely 2m x 2m
11. Beardown Stream Tin Workings
More streamworks.
12. Christmas Tree  a
Lone fir (Christmas Tree) with Lydford Tor behind
12. Christmas Tree b
The ‘Christmas Tree’ with Beardown Tors behind. The tree is located at SX59903 77897

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