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Steve Grigg

These Longhouses are most likely from the medieval period. Longhouse 1 and 2 are shown in the Jeremy Butler Dartmoor Atlas of Antiquities, the North (volume 2) map 30 and are close to the Middle Blowing House (of three) up the River Walkham valley from Merrivale Bridge. Longhouse 3 is close to the Lower Blowing House just 300m up from Merrviale Bridge and in this post is just a personal speculation that it is a Longhouse.

Walkham Longhouse 1.1
Plan of Longhouse 1, based on the Jeremy Butler sketch
Walkham Longhouse 1.2
Boulders in the middle of the longhouse 1. This Longhouse is 18m x 3.5m (ref Butler).
Walkham Longhouse 1.3
Upper section of Longhouse 1. It is speculated that the upper room has been reconstructed using materials from the lower section, possibly from the tinners in the area.
Walkham Longhouse 1.4
Lower section of Longhouse 1
Walkham Longhouse 1.5
Boulders and upper section of Longhouse 1
Walkham Longhouse 2.1
Plan of Longhouse 1, based on the Jeremy Butler sketch. This can easily be discerned on the modern OS Map
Walkham Longhouse 2.2
Building 1. This complex is part of a medievel farmstead.
Walkham Longhouse 2.3
Building 1 outline – it is in two parts
Walkham Longhouse 2.4
Building 1
Walkham Longhouse 2.5
Building 1. The longhouse is 15m x 3.5m (ref Butler) and is in the classic two parts.
Walkham Longhouse 2.6
Building 2 shares the same enclosure as building 1
Walkham Longhouse 2.7
Building 2 in Longhouse 2 medievel farmstead
Walkham Longhouse 2.8
Building 2. This view shows how close the complex is to the River Walkham.
Walkham Longhouse 3.1
Location of the third possible Longhouse in relation to the Lower Blowing House (the one nearest to Merrivale Bridge). Location at SX55278 75449
Walkham Longhouse 3.2
Is this a longhouse ?
Walkham Longhouse 3.3
Outline of the possible longhouse
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