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Radcliffe Boundary Stones on Peter Tavy / Whitchurch Parish Bounds

A series of boundary stones on the Peter Tavy / Whitchurch parish boundary can be found near the Tavistock to Merrivale road close to Pork Hill. These stones are believed to relate to the Radcliffes of Warleigh, who were considerable landowners in the area from the late 16th century. The Radcliffes owned Cox Tor farm, Hill town, Collaton, Dennithorne, Godsworthy, Horndon and Longstone. The stones are inscribed with “RB” (or part thereof) with the “R” believed standing for Radcliffe. Source: Dartmoor Boundary Markers by Dave Brewer (second edition, 2002).

Radcliffe Boundary Stones map
Map showing the location of the RB stones, an uninscribed standing stone and a milestone on the B3357 road.
The first RB stone was thought to have been located at the top of Collaton Lane, near the Godsworthy road. A few “humps” remain, where the stone may have been located.
Radcliffe Boundary Stone 2 has fallen but faces upwards. It can be located at SX52476 75417.
Radcliffe Boundary Stone 3 is upright with the faint inscription facing south. It can be located at SX52542 75417.
Radcliffe Boundary Stone 4 has a fine inscription, which faces north. It can be located at SX52619 75419.
Radcliffe Boundary Stone 5 was reported (by Brewer) to be fallen with its inscription uppermost. The only stone in the locale can be found at SX52681 75413.
Radcliffe Boundary Stone 6 can be found at SX52749 75426. It is broken but the lower half is still “set”. Part of the inscription can still be made out.
Radcliffe Boundary Stone 7. Probably the best preserved stone can be found at SX52791 75415. Brewer states this stone was recumbent but clearly today it has been re-erected.
Radcliffe Boundary Stone 8 has the top portion broken off and lies near a spring. Just the legs of the “R” is visible but most of the “B” can be seen. It can be located at SX52835 75390.
Uninscribed Boundary Stone
To the south west of stone number 8, close to a gully running down to the B3357 and uninscribed standing stone can be found. Could this stone be related to the other “RB” stones ? It can be located at SX52771 75357.
Milestone on the B3357. It reads “Tavistock 3 Miles Moretonhampstead 17 miles”. It can be located at SX52939 75175. The Milestone shown is a replica as the original perished after being broken. An attempt was made to repair it but it kept falling over. (Source: Tim Jenkinson)
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  1. Mark Fenlon July 6, 2021

    The RB 7 stone was re-erected by Dartmoor Rangers – Paul Glanville & Andrea Roberts, along with Paul Rendell & myself on 11/03/19.
    Also, on the same day, one of the Bickleigh / Buckland Monachorum BSs was returned to an upright position.

  2. Tim Jenkinson October 13, 2022

    Hi Steve, The Milestone you show is a replica, The original perished after being broken and then repaired but falling over again.


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