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Okehampton Training Camp

Okehampton Camp has been used for military training since about 1875. The camp originally comprised a temporary tented area but by 1892 the foundations had been laid for the first permanent buildings which were for the main camp which was completed by 1894. There were a series of leases were issued from 1885 but an important one for a 999 year lease was issued in 1892. The site occupies 23 hectares and has buildings from the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. This post looks at “then and now” pictures which are (most likely 100 years apart).

1. Okeold1
Early 20th century view of the Okehampton Camp from the junction of the road which leads to the main gate (right) and the road which leads to the open moor. Interesting to note the amount of tents and the couple of horses in picture (one being ridden, one being lead)
2. Okenew1
A 21st century view on the same road junction. It is evident that the camp now has a lot more vegetation and trees that were there 100 years ago. Of course, the open moor road is now tarmac’d
3. Okecomb1
Combined views from approx 100 years apart.
4. Okeold2
Another view of the same junction with from early 20th century. Interesting to see the horses and soldiers at the junction. The track on the left nearest the camera appears (after some research) to only have been a few 10’s of metres long.
5. Okenew2
21st view of the same junction. The track to East Hill is now to the east of a fence and is now grassed over.
6. Okecomb2
Combined views from approx 100 years apart. Pictures not exactly a 100% match but close enough to consider the comparison.
7. Okeold3
Maybe a later picture from the previous early 20th century ones in this post. There are fewer tents, but of course there may have been no major exercises being carried out when the picture was taken
8. Okenew3
This view of the junction shows where the short track would have been. Also near the junction is a benchmark (with rivet), which appears on a maps dated 1888 but not on a map dated 1873. Therefore it was set up prior to the main camp completion of 1894 and would have been there next to the soldiers and horses shown in one of the previous pictures in this post

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