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Gobbett Mine Cottages

Comparing pictures of Gobbett Mine Cottages (looking north to Bellever Tor) from around 100 years apart.

Gobbett 1
This picture would have been taken well before the 1930’s as much of the stone from these buildings was used in the construction of the Swincombe reservoir (which has a date plaque of 1933 on the building there). The cottages were occupied by the Chudley family from 1890 to 1913, therefore as the cottages still look lived in the photograph is possibly from the turn of the 20th century around 1905-10.
Gobbett 2
At this time of occupation Gobbett Cottages comprised two homes (one has three chimneys and the second one just can be seen below) and were originally part of the mine Gobbett mine itself which operated from 1836-74. A third ruined building can be seen further to the west. Also in the picture is the east-west aligned Beamwork which follows the general orientation of Dartmoor tin lodes. 
Gobbett 3
Gobbett Cottages in ruins from March 2024 from more or less the same spot as the early 20th century photograph. Apart from the ruined buildings, the obvious changes in this scene over the previous 100 years or more is the increased vegetation and the tarmac road which leads to Swincombe reservoir
Gobbett 4
Combined views from early 20th century to 2024
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