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North Dartmoor Tethering Rings

This post shows some of the more well known examples of tethering rings that can be found on Northern Dartmoor. The author couldn’t find from his library of pictures further rings, known to be at Yes Tor, Hare Tor (possibly a flagpole tether) and Beardown Bridge. Once new photographs have been obtained for these, this post will be updated. The author has assumed for this post that “North Dartmoor” is anything north of the Moretonhampstead to Tavistock road

Amicombe Hill
Amicombe Hill “double” tethering rings (with evidence of a possible third between). They can be found at SX 5733 8591.
Beardon Take Off
Ring next to “Take Off” stone near Beardon Farm
Buttern Hill
Buttern Hill ring at SX6528 8871.
East Dart
East Dart ring (1) at SX6365 8135
East Dart 2
East Dart rings (2 and 3) at SX6365 8135
Fuges Post
Fuge’s Post on Eastern Red Lake at SX5715 8193. In Eric Hemery’s ‘High Dartmoor’ on page 940, this post is mentioned thus:
“In a green gully above the headmire, backed by a large black peat bank, tinners have worked, and a latter-day moorman¹ has driven a stake with tethering ring into the bank against a granite slab. – 1. Mr Reg Fuge of Brousentor Farm.”
Fur Tor
Fur Tor “ring” and “hook” at SX 5876 8306 and SX 5880 8305.
Rattlebrook tethering ring at SX 5584 8602
South Tavy Head
Tethering ring near South Tavy Head at SX5919 8134
Tavy Hole
Tavy Hole tethering ring at SX5811 8177

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