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Newland’s Brakes Longhouse

Near the East Glaze Brook and Glaze Meet, in an enclosed area of woodland called Newland’s Brakes are the remains of three buildings. Two of the buildings are side-by-side which have a length of walling forming a partial enclosure adjacent to them. The third building lies a short distance away to the north and appears to be a rebuilding of a prehistoric hut circle. This post covers all these features. The Heritage Gateway records that there is no name found yet for the farmstead, but the land tax of 1747 records – ‘William Bickford for Sagwills late Newlands’.

Newlands Brakes Map
Sketch map showing the locations of the buildings covered in this post
This building that appears to be a rebuilding of a prehistoric hut circle and lies immediately west of the cornditch bounding Newlands Brakes
The building which seems to be incorporated into an hut circle has a couple of uprights located at its centre.
This structure is located at SX66780 60694
From the Heritage Gateway, R.G.Hayes (1966-9) describes this structure as “a substantial two-roomed longhouse with lean-to”. It is also described by others as two separate buildings.
R.G.Haynes further describes that as the house stands in deciduous wood it is for that reason is has not become turfed over.
The Ordnance Survey Archaeology Division from 1977 describes the larger building (number 1 in this post) as being 14.0 meters by 6.0 meters overall, with walls 0.8 meters thick and a maximum height of 1.2 meters of dry-stone construction.
Building / Room 1 towards its lower (west end) has an internal wall, which appears to create a smaller internal room.
The small “internal” room at the west end of Building / Room 1 is located at SX66763 60623.
The Ordnance Survey Archaeology Division from 1977 describes the smaller building (number 2 in this post) as being 10.0 meters by 3.0 meters overall with similar wall construction and size. The centre of building / room 2 was recorded at SX66768 60618.
To the south lies two walls which are perpendicular to each other and are described as being a partial enclosure on the Heritage Gateway
The partial enclosure (by the southern wall) was recorded at SX66764 60608.
Just below (to the west) of the two buildings / rooms appears to be the location described in the Heritage Gateway as a “lean-to”. The location is SX66766 60611.
Building / Room 1 ruins now has a large tree within its walls. The centre of Building / Room 1 is located at SX66771 60625.
The two buildings / rooms taken from the north-east corner.
The partial enclosure can be seen from the north-east corner of building / room 1.


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