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Langham Bridge

Langham road bridge over the River Yealm lies approx 500m to the south of Cornwood Square. It dates from around the 17th or 18th century and was widened in the 19th century. The bridge has two ‘C’ (County) stones still in situ to the north and south. The south ‘C’ stone appears to have an inverted inscribed letter.

Map showing some of the features near to the bridge.
On the west (left) side of the road, to the north of the bridge, is one of two ‘C’ (County) stones. Bridges either constructed by the county, or taken over and therefore maintained by them and sited within the county of Devon would have had a set of two ‘C’ stones erected on either side of the bridge.
Close up of the north ‘C’ stone is built into the wall at SX60779 59225.
Langham Cottage which the author believes was part of the historic Bridge Farm immediately to the north west of the bridge.
Puttapool is one of the closest properties to the bridge.
The bridge is granite ashlar and is skew to the river. It has two round arches. The picture shows one of two parapet refuges (south west side), which has a small granite seat.
The second of two parapet refuges (north east side), which also has a small granite seat. The parapets have chamfered coping and are splayed over abutments. 
Mystery boulder on the south side of the bridge. The author is unaware as to why this rather large boundstone looking boulder is located at this location. It was recorded at SX60820 59122.
The second ‘C’ stone is located on the right side of the road (going north) near the entrance to Blachford. Intriguingly, the inscribed “C” appears to have the letter inverted. As the stone has a rounded top and has serifs, it must have been inscribed thus and set in place like this originally and so hasn’t been re-set or re-erected. NOTE: A serif is a decorative stroke that finishes off the end of a letters stem (sometimes also called the “feet” of the letters).
Close up of the south ‘C’ stone at SX60850 59055.

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  1. Nigel Machin February 18, 2022

    Really enjoy your posts Steve. You took you life into your hands getting a picture of the northern ‘C’ stone! I reckon you’ll find the southern reversed ‘C’ stone a bit further S than your grid ref. I have it at SX 60853 59067 – maybe you meant to end the ref ’66’ rather than ’55’?

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