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Steve Grigg and Frank Collinson

This post covers the Glaze Meet Tin Mill and waterfall plus some grand gate posts leading into Corringdon Wood. The Tin Mill is just below the junction of the East and West Glaze brooks. The mill is reasonably well preserved under the trees and is built into a bank.

GB Map
Location of the Tin Mill, marked as Blowing House
GB Layout
Layout of the tin mill based on the sketch in the Jeremy Butler, Antiquities of Dartmoor, South East figure 56.13. Each item shown is this post has been photographed and is included in this post.
GB 1
Waterfall below Glaze Meet
GB 2
Top of the waterfall
GB 3
Glaze Meet tin mill, which at first glance doesn’t look much
GB 4
The wheel pit and axle bearing block (groove in block)
GB 5
Emphasising the axle bearing block. SX66830 60309. The wheel would have have been about 2.5m in diameter. It was fed by the launder bank above.
GB 6
Tail race from wheel pit sending water back into Glaze Brook
GB 7
Emphasising the tail race
GB 8
Site of possible chamber and launder bank. The leat take off point was 150m upstream.
GB 9
RN Worth suggested the chamber was used to collect flue dust from the back of the furnace.
GB 10
Mortar stones and a mould stone
GB 11
1. Sample mould, 2. Mortar Stone, which has during its working life been turned as there are a pair of depressions on the side of the stone as well. 3. Another Mortar Stone.
GB 12
Sample Mould. SX66833 60307
GB 13
Mortar Stone with it’s two pairs of depressions
GB 14
Mortar Stone with just one pair of depressions.
GB 15
General view of the mill
GB 16
Paved ford and gates a little way downstream from the tim mill. Assume these gates into Corringdon wood were part of the same estate relating to the gates at Corringdon Ball. These are at SX66914 60032.
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