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Steve Grigg and Frank Collinson

For those amateur Dartmoor industrial archeology enthusiasts Foggintor Quarry and its environs are an absolute treasure trove. Kath Brewer wrote two articles for the Dartmoor Magazine in Spring and Autumn 1987 on the area as well as an excellent book called “The Railways, Quarries and Cottages of Foggintor”, without which much of this area would still remain a mystery to me. This post is an attempt to photograph all the main elements of the area

Foggintor Map
Mapped out points of interest covered in this post.
Foggintor 1
Yellowmeade Farm with Swell Tor or Crip Tor from 1840 Tithe Map (left) and Kings Tor (right) on the horizon.
Foggintor 2
Granite setts of the tramway, adjacent to Yellowmeade Farm
Foggintor 3
This is Big Tip, aptly named . Eva’s Farm is in the foreground and Kings Tor on the Horizon.
Foggintor 4
Eva’s Farm
Foggintor 5
Eva’s Farm showing the proximity to Big Tip. Grid is SX56590 73758
Foggintor 6
Gateposts at entrance to Eva’s Farm at SX56630 73715
Foggintor 7
Hill Cottages. The Chapel was the wide entranced building at the front on the right. The managers house can just be seen in very left edge of this photograph.
Foggintor 8
Hill Cottages in 2020. Picture taken from more or less the same position as the black and white one.
Foggintor 9
Chapel Ruins. This was used pre 1895 as a school before the Mission Hall was used until 1902, when the school came back to this location. The final school was, of course at “Four Winds”, which opened in 1915. Grid is SX56609 73707
Foggintor 10
Pathway between Hill Cottages, easily seen from the black and white photograph.
Foggintor 11
More views of Hill Cottages, the grid at the centre of the Cottages is SX56590 73702
Foggintor 12
To the south and adjacent to Hill Cottages was a tramway, which ran to Big Tip. SX56588 73688. You can see an archway below which appears to go underneath the cottages.
Foggintor 13
View of the blocked in archway. It is conjectured by Chris Stone in the Kath Brewer book that this was the site of a very early water wheel. SX56582 73690
Foggintor 14
Looking south from Hill Cottages.
Foggintor 15
The managers house. Hill Cottages can be seen behind, to the left.
Foggintor 16
The managers house in 2020. Grid SX56590 73670
Foggintor 17
North end of the quarry with a crane base in foreground
Foggintor 18
Another view of the crane base approaching the flooded quarry. SX56647 73651
Foggintor 19
Flooded quarry. There is a sign (from Maristow Estates) warning people to enter at own risk.
Foggintor 20
There is a pathway around the quarry, but care must be taken
Foggintor 21
A swimming spot apparently.
Foggintor 22
Sheer granite walls with evidence of foundations in foreground.
Foggintor 23
A side section of the quarry with a crane base in the foreground at SX56747 73508
Foggintor 24
Looking north back towards the flooded section of quarry
Foggintor 25
Looking south at dry section of quarry.
Foggintor 26
Another crane base. SX56664 73421
Foggintor 27
A fourth crane base near the southern entrance to the quarry. SX56630 73459
Foggintor 28
A fifth (rather overgrown) crane base at the southern entrance. SX56608 73455
Foggintor 29
Last view of the quarry from the southern entrance. The fifth crane base just discernable in the grassy / boggy section in the foreground.
Foggintor 30
Southern entrance to the quarry with ruins of the Smithy. SX56550 73460
Foggintor 31
Loading platform at SX56558 73540
Foggintor 32
Corner of Gibbs Cottage (former site of weighbridge) at the end of a tramway siding.
Foggintor 33
Another view of Gibbs Cottage. SX56542 73573
Foggintor 34
Site (mid picture) of the original cottages which were also used as stables. Big Tip to the right, Kings Tor in the distance.
Foggintor 35
Same view as previous picture but showing the Royal Oak siding and the field below Big Tip
Foggintor 36
The Powder House. SX56534 73430
Foggintor 37
Back to the original Cottages / Stables. Swell Tor just visible to the right of the spoil tip. SX56549 73644
Foggintor 38
Whilst having lunch, this was a reminder that this area is also used by the military. I think this flat area (just to south of managers house) was the location where Bear Grylls and Gareth Southgate camped during a recent tv show.
Foggintor 39
I’ve left the W.C’s until the end. This room with a views is at SX56554 73705
Foggintor 40
And more W.C’s at SX56545 73726
Foggintor 41
And one final framed view from Hill Cottages looking towards Swell Tor Quarries. The tor on top of the hill is called Crip Tor on the 1840 Tithe, the name of the farm in the valley behind.
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  1. Dave Pinkham April 21, 2022

    Having just lead a group of walkers around Swelltor and Foggintor Quarries, it was very refreshing to see the photographs of yesteryear and present day photographs. Also the naming of various buildings has given me more of an insight into the area. The book by Kath Brewer is very usefull to know and I shall be trying to obtain a copy. We will return again and explore the sight more comprehensively, with more knowledge now to hand. Excellent work.

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