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Steve Grigg and Frank Collinson

East Hughes is a small mines of late 18th / early 19th century in the upper Newleycombe Valley. This is a beautiful, quiet and very peaceful little valley; it is well worth exploring. The research was taken from Dartmoor Magazine, Autumn 1987 edition – author Phil Newman.

East Hughes Mine Layout
This layout drawing is based on Dartmoor Magazine original.
East Hughes Map
Mine location on OS Map
EH 1
Approaching the mine from the SW, valley sides of Newleycombe Lake start to steepen
EH 2
Stone cairn in the tinners waste a few hundred metres from the mine
EH 3
Local resident. Looking SW, with Leather Tor and Sharpitor on the horizon.
EH 4
One of two tall mounds by the mine
EH 5
Is this a cache? Looks like its been dug out . SX59301 69969
EH 6
East Hughes Mine Tinners Hut. SX59276 69942
EH 7
Fire place in the Tinners Hut.
EH 8
Settling Pit (reedy area) downstream of the Tinners Hut. Down Tor visible on the horizon. SX59252 69943
EH 9
Adit on the opposite side of Newleycombe Lake from the mine. SX59210 69954
EH 10
Twin settling Pits upstream from the Tinners Hut. SX59299 69954
EH 11
There are three further very small Settling Pits. This is the first at SX59311 69956
EH 12
…..and the second at SX59315 69960
EH 13
…and the final one at SX59319 69961
EH 14
The wheel pit (nice example) at SX59328 69966
EH 15
Holes in the wheelpit masonry (to hold an axle?).
EH 16
Hole on the other side of wheelpit
EH 17
Wheel race (water run off) from the wheel
EH 18
Upstream from the mine are two mounds either side of Newleycombe Lake which would have taken and aqueduct / launder
EH 19
Launder / Aqueduct
EH 20
The mounds for the launder / aqueduct are at bottom of Willabeam (girt)
EH 21
Launder / Aqueduct. SX59421 70007
EH 22
Looking up at Willabeam, source of water for the aqueduct / launder.
EH 23
Ford across Willabeam at SX59424 70031.You can make out the East Hughes Mine Leat down below (by the large rock in picture)
EH 24
Top of the slope in Willabeam
EH 25
Launder / aqueduct (red), leat water (light blue), Newleycombe Lake (dark blue)
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