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Dartmoor Explorations Gazetteer Letter “D”

A Gazetteer is described as “a geographical dictionary or directory used in conjunction with a map or atlas”Mike Brown published an extensive Gazetteer of Dartmoor Names in 1993 and this provided the inspiration for the creation of this “Dartmoor Explorations Gazetteer”. The author has thousands of photographs taken throughout the National Park and the creation of this (photographic) Gazetteer seemed the perfect repository for some of them. This post of Letter “D’s” will be added to as more photographs are collated.

Dancers – SX6350 6442
Dartmeet Bridge
Dartmeet Bridge – SX6719 7318
Dartmeet – SX6713 7318
Daveytown – SX5497 7320
Dead Lake
Dead Lake – SX566 785
Deep Ford
Deep Ford – SX6075 8919
Dendles Waste Cairn Circle
Dendles Waste (Cairn Circle) – SX6153 6279
Devil's Frying Pan
Devil’s Frying Pan – SX5630 7687
Devonport Leat Aqueduct
Devonport Leat Aqueduct – SX5733 7138
Dewerstone Rock
Dewerstone Rock – SX5388 6380
Diamond Lane
Diamond Lane – SX6794 6230
Dinah's House
Dinah’s House – SX6845 8002
Dick's Well
Dick’s Well – SX5512 8605
Dinger Tor
Dinger Tor – SX5862 8810
Ditsworthy Warren House
Ditsworthy Warren House – SX5840 6628
Doe Tor
Doe Tor – SX542 848
Dolly Trebble's Cott
Dolly Trebble’s Cott – SX6435 7258
Downing's House
Downing’s House – SX6395 6293
Drake's Leat
Drake’s Leat – SX5185 6510
Drift Lane
Drift Lane – SX6430 7933
Drizzlecombe (Winter Solstice shadow alignment) – SX5920 6700
Druid Mine
Druid Mine – SX745 715
Dry Lake Ford
Dry Lake Ford – SX6340 6639
Ducks Pool
Ducks Pool – SX624 679
Dunnabridge Pound
Dunnabridge Pound – SX646 746
Dunnagoat Cottage
Dunnagoat Cottage – SX5598 8648
Dunsford – SX813 892
Durance Rocks
Durance Rocks – SX5497 6522

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  1. Nigel Machin May 1, 2022

    Hi Steve – enjoying working through my backlog of your posts. I thought for a moment you had a Devonport Leat aqueduct I didn’t know about but the picture looks like the well-known one up towards Black Tor at SX 5732 7137. Isn’t your grid ref the road bridge down at Meavy? Keep up the good work! – Nigel

    • SteveGrigg1961 May 1, 2022 — Post author

      Hi Nigel,

      Thanks for picking up the error. I used the NGR from Mike Brown’s Gazetteer which had SX5384 6719, which in actual fact is Lower Meavy Bridge. I will check my references in future!
      Kind Regards, Steve

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