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Dartmoor Palette

This is another collection of Dartmoor locations, on this occasion based on various palette colours. There are plenty to choose from but here are the authors favourites, which includes ‘tongue in cheek’ homophones

0. Map
There are 43 ‘Dartmoor Colours’ covered in this post. The sketch map shows each of their (very) approx position with respect to the National Park Boundary
Longash Tor
LongASH Tor
Berry Pound
Black Hill
BLACK Hill – North Moor
Blue Jug
BLUE Jug – Hameldown
Bonehill Rocks
BONEhill Rocks
Brown's House
BROWN‘s House
Buckland Beacon
BUCKland Beacon – Ten Commandments
Buttern Hill
BUTTERn Hill – Ring Rock
Cherry Brook Bridge (Lower) from 1887 with Robert Burnard
CHERRY Brook Bridge (Lower) – circa 1887 with Robert Burnard superimposed onto 2021 background
Claret Tor
CLARET Tor (aka Creber’s Rock)
Clay Tor
CLAY Tor (Eric Hemery)
Great Copper Hill Mine
Great COPPER Hill Mine
Corn Ridge - Branscombe's Loaf
CORN Ridge – Branscombe’s Loaf
Cramber Tor
Dunnabridge Pound
DUNnabridge Pound – Judge’s Chair
FERNworthy Reservoir
Figgie Daniel
FIGgie Daniel
Gingaford Farm and Gingaford Cross
GINGAford Farm and Gingaford Cross (19th Century and 20th Century)
Golden Dagger Miners Dry
GOLDen Dagger Miners Dry
Green Tor
Grey Wethers
GREY Wethers
Hazel Tor - Auswell Rocks - west outcop - lion rock
HAZEL Tor – Auswell Rocks west outcrop (aka Lion rock)
Honeybag Tor
HONEYbag Tor
Ivy Tor
IVY Tor (with the author)
River Lemon - Goodstone Woods
River LEMON – Goodstone Woods
Lime Street
LIME Street, Moretonhampstead – George Parker Bidder bust and plaque
Ochre Works - Smeardon Down
OCHRE Works – Smeardon Down
Oliver Sayer Gate
OLIVEr Sayer’s Gate
Peartree Cross
PEARtree Cross
Pinkhams Annie men
Annie PINKham’s Men – near Wheal Betsy
Plum Pudding Hill
PLUM Pudding Hill (aka Great Nodden)
Raspberry Garden - Walla Brook Head
RASPBERRY Garden – Walla Brook Head
Red-a-Ven dip reservoir
RED-a-Ven dip reservoir
ROS(E)alie Stone – Broadall Head
Rouge Tor
Salmon Weir
SALMON Weir, River Teign
Sandy Ford OPB Boundary Stone
SANDYFord – OPB Boundary Stone
Silverwood Cottages and Silverbrook Mine
SILVERwood Cottages and SILVERbrook Mine
Hunter's Stone
Hunter’s STONE
Tanners Path
TANner’s Path – between River Avon and Green Hill
Western White Barrow
Western WHITE Barrow
Yellowmead Stone Circles
YELLOWmead Stone Circles
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