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Dartmoor Explorations Gazetteer Letter “C”

A Gazetteer is described as “a geographical dictionary or directory used in conjunction with a map or atlas”. Mike Brown published an extensive Gazetteer of Dartmoor Names in 1993 and this provided the inspiration for the creation of this “Dartmoor Explorations Gazetteer”. The author has thousands of photographs taken throughout the National Park and the creation of this (photographic) Gazetteer seemed the perfect repository for some of them. This post of Letter “C’s” will be added to as more photographs are collated.

Cadover Cross
Cadover Cross – SX5531 6470
Cadover Lakes
Cadover Lakes – SX5520 6520
Cadworthy Tor
Cadworthy Tor – SX5521 6418
Cataloo Steps
Cataloo Steps – SX5400 8112
Challacombe Stone Row
Challacombe Stone Row – SX690 808
Chapel of La Wollen
Chapel of La Wollen – SX 6694 8892
Chat Tor
Chat Tor – SX5553 8528
Cherry Brook
Cherry Brook – SX6315 7385
Childe's Tomb
Childe’s Tomb – SX6240 7018
Chittaford Down
Chittaford Down – SX636 794
Cholwichtown – SX580 62
Combe Bridge
Combe Bridge – SX7031 6810
Combeshead Tor
Combeshead Tor – SX587 688
Combestone Island
Combestone Island – SX 6738 7230
Conies Down Tor
Conies Down Tor – SX5892 7910
Corrington Ball
Corrington Ball – SX 6708 6094
Counting House
Counting House – SX5547 6475
Cowsic River
Cowsic River – SX 5943 7707
Cut Combe
Cut Combe – SX592 834
Cuthill Outcrop
Cuthill Outcrop – SX6030 8298
Cuthill Stream (Tinners' Hut)
Cuthill Stream (Tinners’ Hut) – SX6097 8209
Cut Hill
Cut Hill – SX5983 8273
Cut Lane
Cut Lane – SX5988 8321
Crossings Chair
Crossings Chair – SX6059 8498

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