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A Gazetteer is described as “a geographical dictionary or directory used in conjunction with a map or atlas”. Mike Brown published an extensive Gazetteer of Dartmoor Names in 1993 and this provided the inspiration for the creation of this “Dartmoor Explorations Gazetteer”. The author has thousands of photographs taken throughout the National Park and the creation of this (photographic) Gazetteer seemed the perfect repository for some of them. This post of Letter “B’s” will be added to as more photographs are collated.

Babeny Farm – SX6718 7516
Bag Tor
Bag Tor – SX7620 7575
Bagga Tor
Bagga Tor – SX5480 8058
Bagpark – SX7214 7832
Bala Brook
Bala Brook (Petre’s Pits) – SX659 648
Ball Gate
Ball Gate – SX6702 6129
Beardown Man
Beardown Man – SX5961 7962
Beardown Tors
Beardown Tors – SX6036 7750
Beatland Corner Cross Socket
Beatland Corner Cross Socket – SX5482 6240
Beckamoor Coombe
Beckamoor Coombe – SX536 748
Beckamoor Cross
Beckamoor Cross – SX5347 7430
Bellever Bridge
Bellever Bridge – SX6583 7732
Bellever Tor
Bellever Tor – SXSX644 764
Bellpool Island
Bellpool Island – SX6991 7130
Birchy Lake
Birchy Lake – SX6199 9310
Black Dunghill (Tinners' Hut)
Black Dunghill (Tinners’ Hut) – SX5850 7761
Black Pool
Black Pool – SX6549 5812
Blackpool Island
Blackpool Island – SX7304 6842
Black Prince's Tomb
Black Prince’s Tomb – SX6359 9315
Blacksmiths Shop (Barn Hill)
Blacksmiths Shop (Barn Hill) – SX5358 7473
Blacksmiths Shop (Sig)
Blacksmiths Shop (Sig) – SX7578 7627
Boiler – SX624 711
Bovey Castle
Bovey Castle – SX732 845
Brim Brook
Brim Brook (The Barracks) – SX5887 8734
Bullhornstone Farm
Bullhornstone Farm – SX6790 6002
Buckfast Mill
Buckfast (Woollen) Mill – SX7392 6738
Butterdon Hill
Butterdon Hill – SX656 587
By the down
By The Down – SX5235 7225

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