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Dartmoor Explorations Gazetteer : Letter “A”

 A Gazetteer is described as “a geographical dictionary or directory used in conjunction with a map or atlas”. Mike Brown published an extensive Gazetteer of Dartmoor Names in 1993 and this provided the inspiration for the creation of this “Dartmoor Explorations Gazetteer”. The author has thousands of photographs taken throughout the National Park and the creation of this (photographic) Gazetteer seemed the perfect repository for some of them. This post of letter “A’s” will be added to as more photographs are collated

A Head
A(rme) Head Rock– SX6206 6727
Addiscott Cross
Addiscott Cross – SX6670 9330
Amicombe Hill Ring Rock
Amicombe Hill Ring(s) Rock – SX 5733 8591
Aish Ridge Newtake
Aish Ridge Newtake stones – SX6813 6097
A 1793
A 1793″ bound stone – SX7409 7564
Avon Clapper
Avon Clapper – SX6572 6620
Addicombe Hut Circles
Addicombe Hut Circles – SX6512 5827 NOTE: This raised bank on the Red Lake tramway was not really necessary but it is highly likely that the surveyor (Richard Hansford Worth) insisted on this to protect the Addicombe huts immediately to the west. 
Arms Tor
Arms Tor – SX5406 8625
Ashbury Tor Roman Chair
Ashbury Tor (Roman Chair) – SX6054 9415
Aarons Knock
Aaron’s (Herring’s) Knock – SX7093 7808
Adley House
Adley House – SX7104 8771
Anthony Stile
Anthony Stile – SX5877 9260
Assycombe Farm
Asacombe (Assycombe) Farm – SX6592 8280
Arthur Hill
Arthur Hill – SX5620 7920 NOTE: The hill is behind one of the Butterbury Newtake stone in the foreground
Aller Brook
Aller Brook – SX6750 7184
Arch Tor
Arch Tor – SX6337 7818
Assycombe Stone Row
Assycombe Stone Row – SX6609 8264
Auswell Rocks
Auswell Rocks – SX7366 7177
Aune Head
Aune Head (Luckcombe Stone) – SX6476 6960
Avon (Didworthy)
Avon (Didworthy Bridge) – SX6827 6210
Avon Filtration Works
Avon Filtration Works – SX6756 6294
Jan Reynolds
Aces (Jan Reynolds) – east of upper Redwater Valley. In the authors opinion:
1 = diamond, 2 = heart, 3 = clubs, 4 = spade


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