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Anatomy of a Dartmoor Explorer

This is a ‘tongue-in-cheek’ (pun intended!) of Dartmoor names, which have a body part in them. There are plenty to choose from but here are the authors favourites.

0. Anatomy Names
Anatomy of a Dartmoor Explorer – These are the 23 body parts contained in this post (including one homophone)
1. Tavy Head
Tavy Head
2. Goose Eye Spring
Goose Eye Spring
3. Bowermans Nose
Bowerman’s Nose
4. Kneeset Nose
Kneeset Nose (in the shadow, with Brim Brook beyond)
5. Tongue End
Tongue End
6. Harton Chest
Harton Chest
7. Cudliptown Down
Cudliptown Down – trial pits, trenches and shafts of East Friendship Consols (1852-1857)
8. Old Liverton
Old Liverton – Ilsington Water Works Pillar
9. Heart Tor
Heart Tor (aka Yar Tor, Hurtestorre, Hartor, Hurtetorre Doune, Heartor)
10. Devils Elbow
Devils Elbow – 1920 image with 2020 overlay looking west. It was assumed that a row of posts away from the modern road went down the side of the old road. Comparing a photo taken around 1920 with the modern road and, although the posts weren’t there then, it does seem to confirm that they were indeed put alongside the old bend later to stop cars ending up in the mire. Picture courtesy of Nigel Machin
11. Elbow Gutter
Elbow Gutter – This is the Ditsworthy Warren Farm branch of the Longstone leat. The view is looking towards Whittenknowles Rocks from the South (near Eastern Tor). Whittenknowles rocks are the shallow dome on the mid horizon
12. Arme Head Stone
A(rme) Head Stone
13. Arms Tor
Arms Tor
14. Hand Hill
Hand Hill
15. Hairy Hands Bridge
Hairy Hands Bridge – Upper Cherrybrook Bridge
16. Hollowcombe Bottom
Hollowcombe Bottom
17. Bonehill Rocks
Bonehill Rocks
18. Great Kneeset
Great Kneeset
19. Little Kneeset
Little Kneeset
20. Leg O Mutton
Leg O’ Mutton Corner

RAF Harrowbeer Operational 1941-1949
From this station flew pilots of many Commonwealth and Allied
Countries, including Britain, Canada, Czechoslovakia, France,
Poland and the United States of America.
With the support of their ground crews and Airfield Defence units.
This stone is in memory of all those who served here.
And especially those who gave their lives.
Many local residents helped build and maintain this airfield.
Unveiled by the first Station Commander, Group Captain the Honourable E.F.Ward,
On the 15th, August 1981, the fortieth anniversary of the opening of the Station.
21. Limsboro
Lim(b)sboro – described by Hemery (1983) as a “small tor remnant“, is surrounded by a denuded cairn.
22. Rattlebrook Foot
Rattlebrook Foot – Rakernesbrokyfote to the perambulators
23. Hele
Hele (Heel) – a homophone to finish the post !
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