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An ‘A-Z’ of Dartmoor Inscribed Boundary Stones, Markers, Posts and Rocks

Having visited and recorded a lot of inscribed boundary stones, markers, posts and rock across Dartmoor over the years, the author thought it might be a fun idea to see if he could create an ‘A-Z’ of inscriptions, selecting one example for each letter of the alphabet. A few of the letters were a little awkward to find, ‘N’ in particular, where there are probably only a couple of historical examples to choose from. The ‘A-Z’ mission was accomplished and the authors results and choices can be found here.

A - A Head
A: A(rme) Head Stone – SX62055 67267
B - Yeolands
B: Yeolands Mine ‘B’ inscribed boundary marker – SX51990 66668
C - Norsworthy
C: Norsworthy Bridge ‘C’ (county) stone – SX56688 69348
D - Belstone Consols
D: Belstone Consols Sett ‘D’ inscribed stone – SX62137 93250
EC - Princetown
E: Ecclesiastical Commissiones ‘EC’ inscribed stone – SX58623 73677
F - Fillace Down
F: Fillace Down ‘FD’ boundary stone – SX52490 69847
G - Cow Bridge
G: Cow Bridge slab inscribed ‘G’ (Gidleigh) – SX66132 86430
H - Stone at Wellaby Gulf
H: Wellaby Gulf ‘H’ (Holne) marker – SX65939 70128
I - Blacksmiths Shop
I: Blacksmith’s Shop ‘I’ (Ilsington) inscription – SX75706 76449
J - JS 1832
J: John Scoble ‘JS 1932’ inscription – SX52913 64624
K - Knowle Down
K: Knowle Down ‘KD’ boundary stone – SX52510 69806
L Corner
L: ‘L Corner’ inscribed boundary marker, part of Widecombe Town Manor – SX72523 78344
M - ML 1858
M: ‘M.L. 1858’ (Massey Lopes) inscribed stone (part of Wembley Walk) – SX55199 68481
N - Shell Top
N: ‘JOHN IL’ inscription on Shell Top – SX59758 63796
O - Old House
O: ‘Old House’ boundary marker (part of Widecombe Town Manor) – SX71447 78661
P - Philip Woodley
P: Philip Woodley ‘PW’ Halsanger Manor boundstone – SX74360 73835
Queen Elizabeth Silver Jubilee
Q: Mounting block, North Bovey ‘QUEEN ELIZABETH II SILVER JUBILEE 1977’ – SX74010 83890
R - Roskilly
R: Roskilly ‘R’ boundary marker – SX52671 81560
S - Stark
S: Yardworthy Newtake, Stark family ‘S’ inscribed marker – SX67563 84320
T - Wild Tor Clitter
T: Inscribed rock ‘T’ (Throwleigh), Wild Tor Clitter – SX62655 87659
U - Prowses Rock
U: Prowse’s Rock ‘U’ inscription, Ugborough / Harford boundary stone – SX64819 57291
V Stones
V: ‘V’ inscribed granite blocks near King’s Oven – SX67539 81374
W - Wheal Virgin
W: Wheal Virgin ‘WV’ marker stone – SX61257 88428
X: ‘XIII’ inscribed lintel on left bank Tinner’s Mill at Black Tor Falls – SX57488 71642
Y - Yarner Down
Y: Yarner ‘Y’ boundary marker – SX77912 79233
Z - SZ 2
Z: South Zeal / Duchy of Cornwall ‘SZ2’ boundary post – SX64031 92544
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