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Ward Bridge

Ward Bridge spans the River Walkham and lies close to Eggworthy between Criptor Cross and Sampford Spiney. The current bridge dates from the late 19th century as the original bridge (which had resisted the floods for 300 years) was damaged and carried away by an extra-ordinary flood in July 1890. The county bridge authority had been widened and by doing had weakened the foundations. This post covers some of the features that can be found in the area between the two County “C” stones.

Map showing the location of key features in the Ward Bridge area
1. Ward Bridge C Stone east
Ward Bridge “C” (County) Stone East is one of two associated with the Bridge and can be found at SX54290 72010. Bridges either constructed by the county, or taken over and therefore maintained by them and sited within the county of Devon would have had a set of two ‘C’ stones erected on either side of the bridge. Both “C” stones at Ward Bridge are still extant.
2. Burrator Parish  Sign
‘Burrator Parish’ sits within the three parishes of Walkhampton, Meavy and Sheepstor. This sign can be found just downhill from the C Stone (east) at SX54275 72012
3. Ward Bridge a
Ward Bridge looking east
4. Ward Bridge b
View over the Ward Bridge parapet at the River Walkham looking south.
5. River Walkham - south
River Walkham looking south
6. River Walkham - north
River Walkham looking north
7. Eastern Wood
Eastern Wood as viewed from the road climbing the hill towards Sampford Spiney on the west side of Ward Bridge.
8. Benchmark
The two benchmarks on the 19th century maps alluded the author. However, this benchmark which is not on maps (but added to the map in this post) can be found at SX54154 72072.
9. Ward Bridge C Stone west
The Ward Bridge “C” (County) Stone west can be found at SX54139 72064.

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