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Shaugh Bridge China Clay Drying Sheds

The Shaugh Bridge clay processing complex was built between 1870 and 1895 in three different phases and closed down in 1952. The clay came from near Cadover Bridge having flowed in ‘water suspension’ (similar to the Red Lake operation) to settling tanks and thickening tanks before being kiln dried, cut and loaded onto carts for onward transportation. The fine white clay and the associated sandy waste products is also believed to have been used in the Shaugh Brick Works across the river (Plym) where there was a tunnel kiln which was first fired in 1880.

Shaugh 1
The clay drying sheds today are the location of a National Trust car park. Today there are six granite masonry piers which supported the front edge of the kiln roof and formed the front wall of the linhay. The spaces between the piers formed the entrances to the cart bays.
Shaugh 2
Superimposed on the January 2022 is a picture taken circa 1939
Shaugh 3
On one of the granite piers has a date stone inscribed “WBBC 1895” . The date stone is located at SX53345 63628.
Shaugh 4
WBBC stands for Watts, Blake, Bearne and Company and the date is believed to represent the time of an expansion of the works.
Shaugh 5
Location of the date stone.

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