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Mystery Building Base next to Davytown to Merrivale Ancient Cart Track

This mystery structure was visited in the 1980’s by Dartmoor National Park Ranger’s for the area who asked locals if they knew what it was or its history. Unfortunately no one was able to provide and answer. That said, the author would tend to agree with Paul Glanville (ex-Dartmoor Ranger) who conjectures that it is probably early 20th Century and a building base, possibly housing some sort of machinery.

0. Map
Location of the mystery building base which is just a few metres from the track.
Hucken Davytown Mystery 1
The ‘structure ‘building base’ comprises a small platform, a concrete structure and a dressed stone (with a spike)
Hucken Davytown Mystery 2
Looking south over the structure
Hucken Davytown Mystery 3
Close up of the concrete structure with a contextual view towards the track.
Hucken Davytown Mystery 4
On the end of the dressed stone is an iron spike.
Hucken Davytown Mystery 5
A short distance from the building base is a second dressed stone. The height of the revetment is evident from this picture.
Hucken Davytown Mystery 6
Collage of pictures around the site including zoomed in view towards the railway bridge near Kings Tor.

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